Gaurav Verma,  Founder, Director and Principal Officer at ‘21G Investment Advisers Pvt ltd’, and serving the Indian retail investors. The firm is registered as an Investment Advisor under SEBI (Investment Advisors) Regulations, 2013 via registration no. INA000017231 (Corporate, Non-Individual) dated October 7th, 2022 and is involved in technical research, money management, Investment Advisory and trading consulting services.

21G Investments offers equity long term investment portfolios services and trading services (Including Equity and Derivatives).

The equity portfolios are exclusively available on the smallcase platform. At present. We do not provide our portfolios at any other platform.

We simply believe in delivering top notch performance. Our historical performance speaks for itself and is available in the public domain for all the portfolios. Moreover, we are a team progressing with building core research based quantitative investment strategies with optimum risk management techniques. Reasons one should invest with 21G Investments:

  • Actively Rebalance: We stalk stock market all the time! This is the reason that we proactively manage our portfolios. On an average, the portfolios is rebalanced 14-15 times a years on the ‘need basis’.
  • Trusted Managers: The decision makers at 21G Investments are a credible name in the Investing world. Equipped with an ocean of knowledge and expertise, the top of the ladder makes sure to provide seamless and quality advisory services to each client.

21G Investment Advisers Pvt Ltd is a SEBI registered investment adviser (Corporate- Non-Individual) firm and only accepts fees through either of account payee crossed cheque/ Demand Drafts or by way of direct credit to the bank accounts through NEFT/ RTGS/ IMPS/ UPI.

* We do not accept payments in cash*

The following refund policy applies: a) In case of monthly & quarterly subscription – Nil b) In case of half yearly subscription – If agreement is terminated by client in 1st quarter from the date of subscription – Subscription fees for one quarter If agreement is terminated by client in 2nd quarter from the date of subscription – Nil
Once invested, the client gets the rebalance update through app notification or by directly logging into browser. If the client enables the WhatsApp notification, he/she will receive rebalance notification as well. 21G Investments also sends an intimation email about the rebalance on the day it pushes a rebalance.
It is advisable to rebalance the portfolio as and when it is available. However, if the client misses to rebalance the portfolio on the day it is been sent, the rebalance update stays as pending with the client at all times until executed.
There is not fixed date or rebalance frequency at 21G Investments. Rebalance is done only on the ‘need basis’. On an average, a rebalance is pushed once in 1.5 months.
The stocks remain with the client at all times in his/her broker account. So once, the client unsubscribes, he/she will stop getting any further updates about the portfolio. The client needs to use his/her discretion is taking further action regarding the stocks then.
Since, 21G Investment Advisers Pvt Ltd is a SEBI registered investment adviser firm, it comes under the direct jurisdiction of the regulator and the compliances. Therefore, in the benefit of the client, 21G is bound to do a risk profile assessment following their KYC.
Long Term Investments brew better when stayed invested for longer period of time but the 3-5 years is an early time when one can begin to see assertive progression in portfolios returns.
For Long Term Investing, we put efforts to manage the risk by Hedging the portfolio, Investing some percentage allocation in Gold, Silver or Liquid bees. This move is executed keeping in mind the amount of portfolio percentage which can be taken into cash. It is seen that gold acts as an ideal shock absorber when equity is hit hard. For Trading, we try to manage the risk by using a predefined fix-stop loss, Hedging the Positions to control the Drawdown to achieve the best ROI.
We provide derivative and equity trading services focusing on option selling for both stocks and index.
At 21G Investments Investment Advisers Pvt Ltd, we are a SEBI-registered company committed to providing quality investment services to our clients. However, we do not guarantee any returns in any of our products or services. The investment market is subject to market risk, and our company and associates are not liable for any losses incurred in any circumstances.
The potential client should have sound knowledge of trading derivative markets. He/she should be aware that trading F&O requires high risk bearing capacity which is captured during the risk profiling. During onboarding trading services, the potential client needs to pass the trading questionnaire test in order to be stand eligible for onboarding.