Future & Options Combo Plan
₹ 2,999
/ 1M
₹ 49,999
/ 6M

One Month plan is an Introductory plan for one month only,
Post that only 6 months duration plan applies.

  • Intraday, Weekly and Monthly Option Selling for Directional and Non-Directional Market.
  • Integrated Risk Management with pre-defined ROI.
  • Hedging Support mechanism for positional Weekly and Monthly Trades.
  • Covered calls strategy for additional returns.
  • Directional Low-Risk: High Reward Trading Setup for Index & Stocks Futures based on Elliot Wave theory.
  • Naked Directional Index Option Selling Strategy with High Risk: High Reward for Weekly/Monthly Trades.
  • Premium access to Live Trading via zoom call session on any trading day or weekly expiry for educational purposes.
  • Sharing of key investing relating opportunities/views for Index and Stocks.
  • Frequent trade analysis with technical charts.
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Future & Options Combo Plan


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“The securities quoted are for illustration only and are not recommendatory”